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S A R INTERIORS AND DESIGNERS is one of the India’s top rated interior designing firm. SAR builds architectures worthy of praises. At S A R we pride ourselves in surpassing the focus of design by delivering luxurious and innovative interiors and exteriors that directly co relate to our client’s need. We precisely hear our client’s vision about their dream home . Then we visualise their dreams and then we start each project with a concept very personally connected to our clients . S A R is committed to design excellent, classy, premium, superior, unparalled and unequalled interiors and exteriors. The company prides at designing interiors and exteriors that will exceed your expectations and surprise you with creation of spaces you will fall in love with.

Sar Interiors & Designers

S A R INTERIORS AND DESIGNERS is a nationally recognised interior designing firm. The company was bootstrapped in the year 2009 in a small city of Bhadrak with the sole idea of making the city look a bit more spectacular and shinner. S A R’s hunger for success made it victorious in flipping its verbal motto into factual reality that reads, “ESCAPE THE ORDINARY AND CREATE THE OUTSTANDING,” . Within twinkling of an eye, The company received such overwhelming responses that it never had to look back again. Then it rapidly expanded its coverage area and started to get collossal projects from all the near by cities and states. With the grace of Almighty Allah and with the super human, loyal , dedicated and honest efforts of all its team members , today S A R is super successful and has undoubtedly achieved the sky’s limit.

Sar Interiors & Designers

Be it an ornate home, a sublime office, a dazzling restaurant,a out of blues apartment or an amazing commercial space, SAR designs your space in an extremely distinctive way, just according to your taste and requirements, worthy of your praises.

Sar Interiors & Designers

S A R discovers your personal style and turns your dream house into a concrete reality. SAR has a team of dedicated , skilful and professional carpenters, talented tile workers, proficient putty and colour workers, electrifying electricians , creative ceiling workers ,and many more who are experts in their respected fields.

In a nutshell S A R has eminent workers for each working category.

Moreover, each step of work at S A R is under strict surveillance of highly qualified and talented architects.

To add more to it, the uniqueness of S A R is that it hires skilled designers to design a 3D layout of your interior, thereby adding an unique touch to your house.

Sar Interiors & Designers

To create quality driven interiors and exteriors that directly reflect client's personality and provides them a stylish living. To strive hard to build long lasting relationships and happy customers by kneen observations of quality, cost effectiveness and dead lines inexecution of the completed architecture.


To regularly upgrade our standards to higher levels through incorporation of newer trends and technologies so that we can easily astonish our clients by our remarkable and uniquepiece of art which we believe will be beyond thei expectations.

Sar Interiors & Designers