S A R’S Extraordinary Products

Stylize your homes with decent and elegant floors . S A R gives you a sensation of being in nature’s lap, by letting you tread on wooden floors.

Gratify your feet to step on the floor of its own choice.\ S A R can give you the real feel of stepping on any picturesque land scape or any sizzling sea shore through modern technology of customised flooring. S A R gifts your feet the ability to move on any land it desires.

Floor your world with glazed and ornamental tiles . S A R has a specialised team of tile workers who can tile your floor with no visibility of joints and thereby give your floor a finishing touch.

The use of modern technology toughened glass holds some uniqueness in itself.

With increasing modernisation we are moving towards new and fresh ideas coupled with brand and concepts. S A R incorporates your world with the use of ACPs to give it trendy and modern look.

Lying on the bed can be altogether perfect and supreme experience if only one had a coloured pencil long enough to draw on the ceiling.

S A R creates breath taking interior decoration using various long lasting and waterproof gypsum ceiling boards.

Turn your friends into your followers by showing them eye arresting , phenomenal and impressive POP ceiling. S A R renders you stupendous POP ceilings with both with and without chemical finish.

Astonish your visitors with distinctive, noteworthy, durable and versatile Malaysian board ceiling both with and without chemical finish.

“The best home also have something say about the people who live in them. S A R’S incredible designing bounds your home to speak the best about you”

Beautify your world with mind blowing , fabulous and praiseworthy CNC cutting partitions, doors , ceilings and furniture.

“A door is the handshake of any building”

Make sure to extend the most loved and the warmest handshake. S A R definitely helps you achieve it through its stylish flush doors. S A R furnishes you with eye catching, stratch proof and seamless finish flush doors to enumerate beauty to your home. Moreover, the trustworthy locks provided by S A R safeguards your home.

Chic and glamour your room walls with radiant and dazzling decoart

S A R decorates your interior with best quality, charming appearance, smooth surface and impeccable finish decolite.

S A R makes your world colourful with the use of light weight, durable and easy to clean acrylate whose unique features tags it the best material for partitions.

The classical and stylish look of that the mouldings give to the space makes them irreplaceable. Besides walls and floors moulding also make the ceiling look stylish.

S A R adorns your home with the touch of greenery through use of artificial greeneries which is the biggest trend in interior design these days.

Add privacy as well as make your home UV protected through use of stylish, coloured and textured drapes and blinds.

Glitters and shimmer your home with stylish, tough, enduring and strong charcoal panels.

Design your walls with varieties of wallpapers ranging from textures and patterns to floral arts to give them a scintillating look. S A R renders you astounding wallpaper services.

Life seems more beautiful when you don’t have to settle for things you dislike rather have things of your own choice. Make your walls a bit more personal. Customise wallposters that reflects you, your taste and your life style. Be it a lush green scenery, a 3D floral art, your own portrait or any picture under the sun, S A R costumizes all varieties of wallposters for you.

Veil your home with ultra modern and designer eyelet curtains with stylish pleated folds.