Residential Interiors

"A Home is Where The Heart Is"


"A Bedroom is Otherwise Your Love Land And It Should A Place That Oozes Love And Romance"

Your heavenly abode, bedroom is solely your own space, your private resting chamber. A chamber that depicts your true self, portrays your lifestyle and projects your inner soul. A place where you enter tiresome and exhausted and exit refreshed and delighted.

SAR takes every possible measure to deliver you a spacious and luxurious dwelling land. It designs you bedrooms with the use of finest yet fancy eye catching materials that keeps you glued to the room and there by allows you to spend quality time with your beloved making immortal love memories.


"Kitchen - a place that cook meals and make memories"

Kitchen is a place that paves a queen's way to her king's heart via satisfied tummy. So gratify your queen with exquisite cooking zone so that she cooks dishes seasoned with love and thus reserves a permanent residence in your heart.

SAR designs such magnetising kitchen that willingly attracts your kitchen queen, towards itself, making cooking, less work and more fun.


"Wash away your troubles with some bubbles"

Your bathroom is your refreshing island. Its an intimate area where you revitalise yourself after a long day at work. This is also a healing space known to be a home retreat for most of us.

SAR designs your bath kingdom optimised for comfort and functionality created for everyday use.


"A living room serves the showcase or the the focal point of your home"

You lounge or loving room is an area whereyou socialize with your friends and visitors. Its just like a summary, that explains the whole story of how your home is? make sure, your living speaks the most fascinating story that earns countless cheers, applauds and praises. Undoubtedly, sar interiors and designers is an excellent author.

SAR puts its heart and soul to create a spectacular living, ranging from contemporary to retro, furnished with the finest furniture that includes a modish tv unit, soothing sofas, comfy chairs, refreshing coffee tables, modest bookshelf or marvellous magazine racks.

Kids are the essence of any home. To brighten their life s a r designs them colourful, attractive and glamourous rooms, furnished with fancy study tables to magnetise them towards their study so that they are never envelpoped in boredom and dullness during their study hours. It also furnishes the room with a trendy book shelf and a charming computer table which your child will fall in love with.

"A dinner is better when weare together"

A family that eats together stays together, more than just evoking appetite, your dining territory must be so captivating that it summons togetherness.

SAR fashions you charismatic dining halls, that satiates both your tummy and your heart. SAR creates dining that become synonymous to any place where people bon appetit or enjoy their meal.